Tuesday 16 July 2024
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5 Steps to Help You Spice Up Your Love Life

5 Steps to Help You Spice Up Your Love Life

Some people know what they want in their love life. They have already explored and know their preferences and what they simply don’t care for. The key phrase here is explored, however, and if you haven’t yet explored and tried out new things in the bedroom, then it’s time to get creative. A healthy sex life is very important, and what healthy means will be very different for you to the next person.

Spicing up your love life is more about discovering yourself, what you are interested in, and what your partner likes. There is a middle ground that you need to find, and by expanding the variety, you have more ground to work with. These five steps will help you communicate, get creative, and, of course, spice up your love life.

1.    Be Open and Honest with Your Partner

For anything that requires two to tango, open communication is an absolute must. There are those who like to be thrown around and have their partner be very dominating, but without communicating that in advance,you run the risk of issues arising. Sex requires a lot of trust, even if you are roleplaying.

Not only that, but by speaking honestly with your partner, you can both learn what you are interested in, have a few new ideas to think about, and can even brainstorm and try new things out. For the more complex fantasies, longer discussions will need to be involved so that you can continue to feel safe regardless of where your bedroom desires lead you.

2.    Try New Toys

Toys are a very easy, fun way to expand your love life both with yourself and with others. They can make a regular affair fun and exciting just by adding in a new dynamic to your love life. Find the toys from a quality provider like Wicked Wandas that really make things steam up, and you have an easy way to really make your love life (and partner) zing with pleasure.

3.    Be Inspired

It isn’t just new toys that can spice things up, either. Gain inspiration from multiple sources. From your favorite adult movie all the way to books from therapists, there is no harm in trying something that you are interested in, so be inspired, and then get creative!

4.    Be Vocal

Just as communication beforehand is important, is it also important throughout the process. Let your partner know. Being vocal is the best way to increase your desires. Let them know what really, really works, what needs tweaking, and what just doesn’t work for you during your alone time.

5.    Take Your Time

It doesn’t have to be 0 to 60 in the bedroom. If you or your partner need to take things slowly, and piece by piece try new things, then that is perfectly okay. You don’t need to go all out and do an entirely new sex position right off the bat. Small changes can help people get comfortable with their body and with their sex life, allowing for future experimentation down the line. Just be patient and work with your own comfort zones. The point is to enjoy the process, step by step.