Tuesday 16 April 2024
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Real World Dating Advice For Women From a Woman

Real World Dating Advice For Women From a Woman

The dating game is an intimidating one that can make even the bravest of men and women tremble in fear. Thanks to a woman named Holly Martyn who let herself become somewhat of a dating professional, we now have some guidance along the way. Holly began her journey into the dating world when, after a discouraging second divorce, she read an article that quoted Joan Rivers as suggested someone trying dating 100 guys from a dating website.

Holly took the message to heart and made it her mission to go out on 100 dates with 100 different guys. She met her goal within one year and learned so much that she’s now writing a book about her experience.

For those who can’t wait for the book to come out, here are Holly’s seven pieces of dating advice:

  1. Get Out There.

Holly reminds us that, typically, we aren’t going to meet potential partners or even get a date by being a hermit. She suggests that single people get out and “do their thing” — it will most likely lead to meeting other singles. Rather than putting on a front and trying to get involved in projects you don’t enjoy, she encourages people to follow their interests and pursue their passions along with learning new hobbies and going on adventures. No matter what you like doing, it’s a given that you are more likely to meet singles you will enjoy when you’re not hiding on your couch watching Netflix.

  1. Don’t Settle

Yes, dating can get discouraging when it looks like you’ll never find “the one”, but Holly urges her readers not to give up and simply settle for someone because they feel desperate. She warns that the game of love can be a rough one and it does come with scar tissue, but that’s only proof that you’re doing things right. She urges singles not to give up and definitely not to settle!

  1. Get Off the Phone and Go Eat

Going out with friends can be a blast, but when you’re already surrounded by your own circle it can be hard for new people to break in. Set aside one day a week that you go out by yourself to eat or do something alone. Put down the phone, look people in the eyes, and be willing to talk to strangers. The next day get back on your phone and send a good morning text for him to know you were thinking about him.

  1. The Odds are in Your Favor

Holly points out that numbers play a big role in the dating game’s success. If you are only going out on five dates a year, your chances of clicking with someone are much lower than if you go out on 20 or 30 (or 100!) dates. By meeting new people on a regular basis, you can be sure to find someone who seems remarkable and they may even be a ‘keeper’.

  1. Don’t be Afraid of Online Dating

Yes, we know that online dating has a bad rap and setting up a dating profile can be a bit embarrassing. Don’t let this stop you! Holly says that she met some of her best dates on dating sites and have made enduring friendships. If you don’t feel like jumping onto an actual dating site, use traditional social media profiles to reconnect with single acquaintances and classmates.

  1. Advertise Yourself to Friends

Everybody loves playing matchmaker, and your friends and acquaintances are no exception. When you decide to start dating, be sure to put yourself out there and tell others that you’re looking for love. This opens up your circle of possibilities and ensures you will meet more people to date.

  1. Enjoy the Dating Experience

Often, people become so anxious to find their one and only that they grow to hate dating and view it only as the means to an end. Holly says that isn’t the best way to handle it and instead urges singles to embrace the adventure of meeting new people.

While we’ve all known the unfortunate old maid or bachelor who die without romance, this doesn’t have to be your story. Even if you’ve had a rough experience with romance, things can change. By using the 7 tips listed above you can expect to find love…or at least have a lot of fun as you attempt to!