Thursday 13 June 2024
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Will You Marry Me: Ways to Avoid Divorce by Finding Your Perfect Mate

Will You Marry Me: Ways to Avoid Divorce by Finding Your Perfect Mate

Far too many marriages don’t enjoy a happy-ever-after ending and divorce can soon become the topic of conversation rather than celebrating a special anniversary.

One of the best ways of avoiding the heartache of a failed marriage is to work hard at trying to find the perfect mate in the first place. If it doesn’t work out, you can always pay a visit to and draw a line under what has gone on before.

Here is a look at how you might be able to improve your odds of enjoying a long and successful marriage, through working out who might actually be “the one”.

It starts with a positive attitude

Finding the right person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, is definitely a daunting challenge when you think about it, but there is no reason why you can’t succeed in your quest to find the perfect mate, if you adopt a positive attitude towards the task.

Psychology can definitely play a part in your picking process, even if you are not always aware that this is the case.

It is believed by a high percentage of psychologists that we can often search out someone who closely resembles the parent who did not give you enough love in your childhood. In order to compensate for this missing link from our formative years, it seems that many of us can subliminally search out a partner might share some of the traits that your parents displayed to you when you were growing up.

The message is to think hard about your childhood relationship with your parents and try not to let any negative experiences shape your adult relationships.

Try to clear your mind and start with an open mind about finding the right person. This will increase your chances of finding someone who fits for all the right reasons rather than being a replacement for past relationship issues.

Share your soul

If you are looking for a positive indication that you may well have found the right person to share the rest of your life with, it is very often measured by the level of trust that exists in your relationship.

If you feel that you can share any secret or your innermost thoughts with your partner, and trust them implicitly to guard those thoughts so that they stay in your relationship and don’t go anywhere else, then you may well have found your soulmate and the perfect partner.

A strong relationship is build on the foundation of trust. Things start to fall apart when that trust is broken, so just consider whether you trust your partner enough to be able to tell them anything and everything.

Support outside the relationship

Another positive indication that you might have found the perfect partner is when you find that you are accepted by friends and family on both sides, and enjoy their support and love.

Having the positive support from loved ones and close friends can add strength to your own relationship and having that network at your disposal, is always a positive sign that others around you feel that you make a great couple.

Lisa Boyster has 10 years of preaching and ministry experience and runs monthly marriage guidance classes. She writes about knowing when you have met ‘the one’ and ways to make a marriage stronger in her articles which appear around the internet.