Thursday 13 June 2024
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Can I find a Russian bride again after getting dumped?

Can I find a Russian bride again after getting dumped?

There were the times when you believed this hackneyed phrase, “broken heart”, was just a lame metaphor reserved for the losers and whiners who just don’t know any better. When you first started dating Russians you always viewed yourself as an overcomer, a person who has the energy required to beat all the odds and to find a gorgeous Russian bride. You found her, she was near you, you shared the bed and the breakfast together, yet something went irredeemably wrong and she left you. It affects your appetite, your sleep and your thoughts, it is slowly but relentlessly turning into an obsession: “She is gone! Why?! What do I do now?!”

Does it sound like your case? Are you suffering from the aftershocks of a heart-rending break-up with a Russian woman whom you dearly loved? Yes, it may hurt, but this is not a hopeless situation. There are a few steps that you can take to remedy the situation and even to win from it and find a Russian bride again!

One of the steps to improve the state of affairs is to pump up your endorphins. These chemicals in our body act as a pain-killer and are responsible for our psychological well-being. It is more effective than any synthetic drug or vitamin. A strenuous work-out gives us plenty of endorphins – it is the most valuable remedy for our heart-aches. Your broken heart will be mended fast if you make it work more intensely.

Avoid emotional traps. People who have recently broken up with someone tend to be clamorous for an extra psychological punishment. It is self-administered, but it doesn’t make it less painful. They stare at the photos of their exes, re-visit the places where they were happy with their loved ones, they mourn. Actually, doing quite the opposite would be much wiser. Let the past stay in the past and cherish the best memories without remorse and sorrow.

Silence your inner fears. After a separation many people begin having doubts about themselves. They ask questions like “What is really wrong with me?”, “How can I live after all this?” and so forth. It only exacerbates this difficult situation and plunges you even deeper into depression. Don’t let this insatiable beast possess you, resist it with all the courage and determination you can summon up. Remember that there is always a bright day after the darkest night. Such is life, we are all visitors here, on the grand scale of things.

Should I continue searching for a Russian bride?

The answer to this question is surely “Yes”. Now that you know where to find Russian singles, possess some knowledge about their history and their culture, maybe even know the Russian language at a certain degree of fluency, it would be a dead-beat decision to give it up. Moreover, if your ex treated you unfairly, it is a chance for you to square it even with her. Just imagine her frustration when she eye-balls you with an even younger and slimmer Russian lady on one of social sites or forums. Of course such a train of thought should not be your main motivator, listen carefully to your heart’s desires and don’t rush forward, step cautiously this time around.

While you are “licking the wounds” after the separation, avoid doing it all by yourself, call those who respect you, go out with some of your old and reliable friends. If you opt to suffer in silence and in solitude, it will only prolong your unbearable pain. Begin enjoying life again and distract yourself from macabre thoughts.

Update your profile on an international dating site, post the most appealing photos of yourself there and start anew. Life is never easy to anyone, and finding the right match for the life journey may take a substantial amount of time. But in the process you will gain even more maturity and positive experience