Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Tips for your first sex date

Tips for your first sex date

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge; you’ve been online and you’ve registered yourself on an adult dating site. Naughty! Hey we’re not using the word naughty in a bad way, no man in their right mind will actually judge you negatively for it. After all we’re not all ready or even meant to be in a relationship, but this doesn’t mean we can’t get jiggy with it and enjoy some good quality time right? However, just because it’s nothing serious doesn’t mean that you don’t need to put some effort into it, so here are a few pieces of advice to help your first sex date go well.

Tip#1 – Be honest

If you’ve managed to arrange a sex date then it is most likely you’ve done so by hooking up with some lady on an adult dating site. Nothing wrong with that, actually kudos to you; adult sites like are probably the best way to get laid without much hassle. There will be hassle if you’ve lied though, as the person will know once they meet you that you’re not the same as when you were online. So here’s the first tip, just don’t lie or it will fire back against you. Just be honest, say who you are and what you want; that way you’re also more likely to attract people who are more like you; making them a better match.

Tip#2 – Take it slow

Okay so we’re talking about sex so you won’t want to take things too slow, but don’t just jump on the first person that shows interest in you. It is normal to feel horny but don’t let it impede your thinking process too much. You need to keep your head straight and do things at your own pace; that way you’re more likely to recognise a potential scammer. Because that’s the sad truth about anything online; you will always get those few nasty people who have bad intentions. So take it slow as much as you can, show some strength and discipline; you’re gona need it.

Tip#3 – Spruce up

You’re going on a sex date, so your personal hygiene matters more now than ever before. You need to be clean if you’re going to get naked, it’s that simple. Of course most of you know this anyway, but one thing you want to make sure is that your clothes are also clean. Even a shower won’t stop your feet from smelling if you take your everyday trainers with you to the date. You can buy some new shoes, or just take the shoes that you don’t use so often. Be as clean and hygienic as you can be and you won’t risk putting of your partner.

Tip#4 – Come equipped

When we say equipped, we actually refer to bringing condoms with you. You can’t just expect your partner to bring them, and the act of having them makes you a responsible person. This should help your partner to trust that they are in good hand; making them feel more at ease. Beyond this, you know the other reasons why you should be using condoms; it’s not like having sex with someone you know and you can trust. Also, feel free to bring along anything which may help the two of you have a better time; things like lube and other sex apparatus. As long as you’ve talked about it before then it won’t weird-out your partner when you pull out all those sex toys from your bag! Ultimately it’s up to you, but the condom thing is real; don’t mess up on that one and you’ll have no regrets afterwards; only good memories to help your days go by better.