Friday 24 May 2024
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How to dress up for a new date

How to dress up for a new date


Meeting up with that new partner can be a bit of a daunting process, especially if it’s been a long while since you’ve been on a date. You want to make a good impression but you don’t want to make it look like you’re trying too hard but it is hard to look and feel natural when you’re feeling nervous. The good news is that you don’t need to break the bank to find something to wear in order to make your date feel at ease, so let’s take a look at what sort of clothes you should be wearing when meeting a new potential dating partner.

Be yourself

This isn’t just a psychological bit of advice, it also applies to your sense of fashion. You’re better off wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and familiar; so wear the clothes you usually wear as long as they make you look presentable. People will expect you to wear something that goes in line with the original impressions you gave them when you first contacted them. Most likely you will have been using a dating website so your potential partners will have an idea of what they should expect after they’ve read your online dating profile, and that is universal whether you meet them on a traditional dating website, a naughty dating platform or even a granny contacts dating site. Ultimately people expect some sort of correlation between how you act and how you dress so they will have some sort of expectations; so don’t worry, you don’t need to try too hard.

Smart casual?

You will want to make an effort nonetheless, but nobody here is talking about showing up to your date with the most expensive suit and tie. This is just too official and it will probably make your date feel uneasy. This is you want to go for smart-casual, it still looks good but it doesn’t impose too much. Wear a fresh pair of jeans along with a shirt and you’ll be good to go. For the shirt you will want something that looks good on you, but you have a lot of choice between the more ‘hipster’ checkered shirts or the simpler plain looking ones. In either cases your shirt will accentuate your shoulders and make you look smart but approachable.

Don’t forget your shoes

People tend to judge other by the shoes they wear a lot more than you think; that’s because they are often a sign of people’s wealth and social class. With dating however you just want something on your feet that is new and clean. In other words you don’t want to be wearing dirty and smelly shoes as they will make your date feel ill at ease. You’re still here to give a good impression so even though you don’t need the most expensive soles there are; do make sure that your shoes are fairly new and you will not only please your date but it will make you feel comfortable as well.

Hair and hats

This really depends on you and your personality. If you always wear hats then don’t stop yourself from doing what you usually do. Just remember however that you don’t want to be hiding your face too much. Hats look fashionable and stylish but the person you are dating will want to take a look at your head and facial features. So maybe wear your usual hat but do make sure you take it off once you get to sit down for a drink. Remember your date is there to see you so you don’t need to hide behind your clothes; dressing up is just here to show your date you’re making the effort.