Why do people enjoy naughty dating?

Why do people enjoy naughty dating?

This might sound like a silly question with an obvious answer, but there is more to naughty dating than just a bit of fun. Of course it is a lot about people enjoying themselves, but why would people prefer this lifestyle over being in a relationship? After all being in a couple means that we can enjoy naughty times as well, and we get to do this with a person who we know well and which is very dear to us. So let’s look at the advantages casual naughty fun holds over having naughty fun when being part of a serious relationship.

Little or no commitment

The first difference is that casual naughty fun mostly comes with no strings attached, so the encounter is mainly limited to sex. This means that we can really focus on enjoy the sexual act without having to take into account any real form of emotional attachment we might have with that person. Some couples just have too much on their plates to be able to enjoy crazy and raw sex, so the act can be quite limited and feel more ‘functional’, like a necessity couples have to allow each other to do. So having no attachment can help some people to have the raunchy sex they want to have, without any thoughts to what happens in the future; which for some people translates as having an actual good time in bed.

Diversity is the spice of life

Some people just get bored being stuck with the same person, and their sexual appetite runs out quickly so they need the excitement of discovering new partners to have fun with. The chase is a huge part of the fun for some, and only having the one partner will simply not do.Furthermore, some of us do not want to be stuck in a relationship where sex only happens once a month, as we want it to happen more often. This is why some of us use naughty dating websites in the hope that we can find someone to fuck tonight, rather than waiting for our partner to be in the mood. Being able to talk to new people online is exciting and can provided fast results, at times faster than waiting for our partner to be in the mood.

Family life is not for everyone

Some people have had bad experiences when it comes to family life, and seeing the high rates of divorce in modern society is enough to put a lot of us off trying to have a committed relationship with a family to look after. The issue there isn’t so much the commitment aspect, it is more of a logical conclusion based on observing other people’s failures in keeping their family together. As such, taking the decision to enjoy casual fun rather than going through the ordeals of a divorce makes sense. It is not just about not wanting to be hurt, but also about not wanting to hurt others by letting them down. Ultimately, family life is a lot of work, and some of us simply don’t have it in us to do it. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal choice, and we should all be able to make up our minds about what lifestyle is best suited to our abilities, needs and wants.