Friday 24 May 2024
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Why are Asian Escorts popular in the Adult Industry?

Why are Asian Escorts popular in the Adult Industry?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s wondered why Asian women are more sought after by men of other races. Especially nowadays when interracial relationships are widely accepted in almost every single country in the world, there are more pairings of Asian women with non-Asian men. But why?

What is the reason why men prefer Asian women over other races?

You can definitely see the contrast on adult websites such as Porn sites or Escort sites. On porn sites, you will definitely see a section dedicated to Asian girls getting fucked by one or more guys of different races. On escort websites, you can find sections exclusively dedicated to only Asian escorts. Even brothels, massage parlours and escort agencies advertise themselves as Asian brothels, Asian massage parlours or escort agencies with only Asian girls on their roster.

There’s definitely a trend and demand for Asian girls; a trend that will take a long long time to die out. Let’s contemplate about why there is such a high demand, shall we?

There’s an age old saying that people keep hush about but almost everyone believes this fact. I’m sure you’re well aware of it but let me say it anyway. Everyone thinks and believes that Asian women have tight vaginas. So in terms of choosing a sex partner, many men will tend to choose an Asian mate for maximum pleasure, especially for one night stands.

The other obvious factor that attracts men toward Asian women is their physical features. They’ve got soft delicate skin, slender bodies, silky shiny hair and other interesting features in tiny packages. And most Asian girls look innocent so to men with a superiority complex are just dying to stick their dicks inside these girls. This is the norm in the porn industry and men who watch this form of media will always have an underlying desire to make that happen.

So is it the media we consume gearing us to believe these notions about Asian women? Or are we programmed since birth by the media we consume to believe them as a fact? Is it too normal to us that we don’t realise we’re actually labelling all Asian women to have tight pussies and want big dicks?

It’s already 2017. Social constructs are evolving and people are more open to new ideas and concepts nowadays. Maybe we can start to tackle why Asian women are popular in the Adult industry and challenge the social norm, giving way to more concepts to Asian women than just innocent looking, helpless damsels with tight lady parts who just want big phalluses to fill them up.