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What do older women want from younger men?

What do older women want from younger men?

The trend of older women dating younger men has been on for ages and it only seems to be getting popular over the years. Older women looking for something interesting in their lives prefer dating a man who is much younger to them. Although it cannot be ruled out that older women dating younger men for sex, there are a host of other reasons that make this segment worth exploring.

In case you’re a man in your 20s or 30s and open to dating an older woman, there are a few things you’d have to take into consideration when using online dating sites. It is to be borne in mind that there are a few traits that women look for in a prospective companion and they do have expectations as well. Read on to find out and boost your chances of connecting with the right companion.

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  • Energetic: The influence of a younger companion can make a big difference to your life. In fact, his influence might make your healthier and more productive. He would be the one to push you to wake up early and go for a jog.
  • He’d be eager to sexually please you: Not only does he have all the energy, but is less likely to be a selfish lover. Pleasing you would come down to proving himself. He will make a great deal of effort to make you happier and above all, he would listen to you.

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  • He is open – minded: He is young and certainly open to learning new things. Young men are like a sponge and they’d take everything that comes their way. It wouldn’t take him long to get accustomed to your lifestyle and mould himself into it.
  • He would look forward to learning from you: Your advices wouldn’t bruise his ego. If there is something that he feels you know better, he wouldn’t think twice before taking your assistance on the same. He would listen to your opinions, give suggestions and always make effort to learn something new.

  • Relive your younger years: With a younger person as your companion, he would help you relive your younger years without reminding you of the suffering. He wouldn’t mind the occasional night out, a fun house party, or any fun-filled activity.
  • He isn’t judgmental: While someone older might be a little concerned that you’re deviating from the path you’ve stayed on to follow your dreams, a younger man would encourage you to explore an unchartered territory. This way, you’d be able to progress with confidence.

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If you fulfill the aforementioned criteria, then dating an older woman actually makes sense. Trying something different such as older women dating just because others are going gaga over it isn’t the best thing to do. You should always remember that dating an older woman isn’t every person’s cup of tea.