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Useful Information about Thai Massage

Useful Information about Thai Massage

Massage therapy is an incredibly popular form of treatment that many individuals seek out in order to alleviate tension and gain stress relief. While there are many different types of massage therapies available nowadays, ranging from deep tissue massage through to Swedish massage, one form of massage that many people enjoy and find particularly helpful is the Thai massage. This article will explore what a Thai massage is, describe in detail what it involves, and provide some interesting information on its history.

Thai Massage History

The history of the famous Thai massage dates back thousands of years and is said to have been devised in India by Dr Jivaka Kumar Bhacca – a contemporary of Buddha – before spreading to Thailand, where it’s been practiced ever since. There are in fact two main styles of Thai massage – the Southern style and the Northern style, but both of these involve similar manoeuvres that are used to stimulate energy currents and release energy blockages.

Massage Technique

Thai massage is very physical for both the person performing the massage and the person receiving the massage. The person performing the massage will typically utilise their hands, thumbs, feet, knees, elbows and forearms. These body parts are used to massage, stretch, apply pressure, and manipulate muscles and joints in order to balance energy levels. During the massage, rhythmic pressure is applied with various levels of pressure to specific points in the body. These points are called Sen lines, and they’re believed to be channels through which energy flows.

The recipient of the massage will be manoeuvred and stretched into various positions by the practitioner. As with most forms of massage, Thai massage promotes the release of endorphins, creating a feeling of pleasure, relaxation and euphoria in the recipient. One interesting fact about Thai massage that separates it from many other forms of massage is that no oil is used when it is performed.

The Benefits of Thai Massage

When performed well, a Thai massage can have a wide range of benefits for the recipient. It can vastly help with stress relief, which is a result of cortisol hormone levels (the hormones responsible for stress) being reduced. A reduction of these hormones will often lead to the recipient feeling more relaxed and far less stressed. For similar reasons, Thai massage can also be greatly beneficial to anyone who is feeling anxious or depressed.

In addition, Thai massage can improve posture and also help to counteract the imbalance that can be caused by sitting in the same position for too long at work. Another great benefit of a Thai massage is that it can help to relieve sore muscles, which it achieves by greatly improving blood circulation in the body.

In Summary

A Thai massage is a unique and very physical form of massage that can relieve stress, help with aching muscles and even improve posture. If you’re feeling tired, sore or stressed, visit a practitioner today to try a Thai massage for yourself.