Friday 24 May 2024
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Top libido Improvement Tips For Women

Top libido Improvement Tips For Women

Are you at a stage where you no longer look forward to those special moments with your partner?  Are you at a stage where you are more likely to say “not to night darling” instead of yanking his clothes off from the doorway as usual? You could be dealing with waning libido. It affects many women so you are not alone. Do you want to change things?  This piece has the top tips you need.

Deal with the clutter

Clutter in the bedroom doesn’t distract men as much as it does for women. You hit the bed and instead of focusing on your partner, you are distracted by the dirty clothes all over the place or the pile of mail that has remained unsorted for weeks.  Simply moving your dirty clothes to the laundry room and pile of mails to your home office could be the trick to avoid distractions and rediscover your sex life. Move the TV away too if it is a distraction!

Spill out the anger

Admit it. Like most women, you can’t “get it up” for him if you are angry with something he did. Instead of letting the anger fester for too long, talk it over.  Allowing anger to eat deep into your relationship could lead to the death of more than just your sex life but your relationship as well.

Leave perfectionism for the movies

You know how it goes in the movies, the couple only have sex when they are both fully showered, smelling of nice scents and room lit with romantic candles. Good luck trying to replicate that in real life. Therapists will tell you that the best sex sessions are unplanned.  Just go with it whenever it looks like happening. He doesn’t care about your sweaty neck or armpits, neither should you!

Switch up the routine

Routine sex between couples gets boring after a while. Introducing new things to the action could be all you need to rediscover the excitement. Buy Vibrators Online and have him help you with it, get new colognes, get some new DVDs, etc. Anything that can trigger inquisitiveness in your sex life is good for your libido.

Leave the worrying at the door to your bedroom

The economy is bad. The NHS isn’t improving. You need to find money for a family holiday. We all have these problems so allowing worries about them to affect your sex life is wrong. Teach yourself to leave worrying outside the door of your bedroom and you’d be surprised at how much your sex life can improve. You will also be doing a world of good for your mental health.

Take a look at your diet

Do you have high cholesterol? That’s a known sex drive killer. If you have been diagnosed with it, switch up your diet and bring in more organic fruits and vegetables as well as fibre-rich foods. They can help block cholesterol absorption in the blood stream and improve your sexual health.

Change the birth control method

Some birth control methods are known to affect the female libido. Hormone-based birth control pills are the most guilty so talk to your doctor about changing them if you are dealing with vaginal dryness and disinterest in sex.