Tuesday 23 April 2024
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The Mysterious Male Mind: Simple Things Women Do That Men Find Sexy

The Mysterious Male Mind: Simple Things Women Do That Men Find Sexy

Here’s a basic piece of insight into the way the male mind works that every woman needs to store away for periodic reference — men truly appreciate you when they get to see a different side of you, if only for a second. Men constantly need new angles on you. It doesn’t matter if the new angle you give them shows you as talentless and a complete mess. Glimpses into new parts of you can truly make you thoroughly attractive to a man. If all this seems difficult to understand, here are a few examples. Once you’re through with the list, you will able to think of a few new angles yourself.

Being a mess

Jennifer Aniston in the hit 90s sitcom FRIENDS appears in two different episodes with her famous hairdo mussed up after having been in trouble. Those scenes are eternal favorites among male audience members, and are watched over and over again on YouTube. Men get a great kick out of it, and all women should take their notebooks (or smartphones) out for the reason.

While it’s nice to be perfectly presentable, it’s also wonderful to be seen at a careless, unguarded moment. It gives men the feeling that they have a chance to really see into you.  As long as it isn’t your permanent look, men love it.

Being a mess

When you’re fearful, you’re dynamite

No one wants to see someone they like in a position where they are scared or fearful. A little fear, though, never hurt anyone. When you’re fearful, you light up with emotions and expressions that show up a side of you that’s less the well-known. It’s also important that when there’s a little fear in the air, men want nothing more than to step up and make everything well again. It’s a powerful instinct than makes for great attraction.

The fact that you have stretch marks

This one can be very hard for most women to accept — stretch marks are supposed to be ugly, and something you work hard to get rid of. Where’s the attraction?

It comes from an obscure kind of mental acrobatics. You could be intimate in every way possible with another person; if they were to get an intimate tattoo one day, though, being able to see it would make you feel extra close — it’s new evidence that you’re close enough to see something no one else would ever be allowed to. Stretch marks aren’t wrinkles when you really like someone — they are a natural tattoo. There’s a great piece of advice on A New Mode when a man is attracted to you, he only sees the attractive vision of you that he has in his mind. Men never notice the cellulite, the fact that you’re having a bad hair day or anything else unless you actually bring their attention to it.

stretch marks

Watching you put on your makeup

There are a lot of things about watching the makeup process that can drive a man wild. The sheer artistry that goes into the application process can certainly make it very attractive. There is more to this than mere skill, though. Seeing the gentle caress of the brushes and implements on the skin, the attention paid to the little nooks of the face and the chance to observe the beauty of it all, transports a man to a different dimension. Not to mention, women do tend to look exceedingly cute when they put on a little powder.

Seeing you do something exceedingly poorly

If you are learning to ride a bicycle for the first time, trying your hand at playing an instrument, playing a sport, playing a videogame, trying to write poetry, trying to draw something or making a new dish in the kitchen — if you don’t know what you are doing, seeing you scratch your head a little (figuratively speaking) can set a man on fire. These are situations where a man gets to see you flex your mental muscles, think, adjust to new situations and look worried and vulnerable.

Not only does the sight of you learning a new skill show up a new side of you, it makes you appear less confident and infinitely more approachable. It can easily work wonderfully with a man who pays attention — just as long as you take care to not be tense while you go through these experiences. You need to leave the door wide open, emotionally speaking.

Men Find Sexy

Doing something forceful (but doing it gently)

Whether it is handling a gun at a shooting range, working out at the gym competing at a game or showing anger, it stirs something deep inside a man. Forcefulness, as long as it is done with femininity, is intolerably sexy. Somehow, men connect it to the forceful exertion of sex itself.

You can directly use these tips to add a little spice to your relationship, of course. There’s a lot more that you can do, too. You only need to think of other hidden areas that you can tap.

Since 2009, Eric Charles has been writing love advice, dating tips and relationship women all over the world. He’s delved deeply into the psychology of how to understand men, what men want in a relationship and what makes men commit, as well as how to deal with relationship problems of all shapes and sizes. Eric has always been interested in the human mind and is passionate about helping people improve their lives on every level. Eric has contributed to several websites, utilizing his insights and skills to help both men and women find happiness within themselves as well as in their relationships. Today, Eric is the co-founder of A New Mode, A New Modes Ask a Guy and co-author of “He’s Not That Complicated”.