Tuesday 16 July 2024
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The Fun Factory Abby G

The Fun Factory Abby G

Fun Factory is known for their Battery+ Line of products as the most powerful on the market, and Abby G forms part of it.  It is a hybrid model because of its unique technology, wherein it can be battery operated or you can have the self-contained rechargeable batteries with it. In comes in a variety of two colors, a turquoise blue and a blue violet shade.

This toy is specifically designed to target the g-spot, as the name suggests. It has a delightful curved design that is incredibly soft and flexible with some well-crafted silicone ridges, which will give you the ecstasy you are looking for. The gentle ridges along the tube offer more stimulation. The innovative shaped head curves upward at an angle to hit the g-spot perfectly.

How Does It Work?

The Fun Factory Abby G is easy to hold with an on and off button, the “fun button”, and the +/- buttons, allowing you to increase the speed of vibration and change the pulse patterns. This vibe has a powerful and deep vibration frequency with four variation speed and six pulse patterns.

The Abby G has a powerful and deep vibration frequency for a deep satisfying sensation.  It has a deep rumble and discreet enough, making it a lot quieter than other vibrators. You can start on the lowest speed and move it around to get the perfect position. The head is so flexible, so it is really comfortable and easy to maneuver. Then, you can increase the vibration speeds to your liking.

Other Product Features

It has a charge light that indicates when the battery is getting low, but you will barely need to worry about that because you can enjoy the Abby G for up to 75 minutes in a single full charge! You also have the choice to make this toy rechargeable with the Battery + option.

It is both battery operated and rechargeable. You can take two AAA batteries that you place inside the battery compartment. But to recharge you must use rechargeable AAA batteries, like those specifically designed in the Fun Factory Hybrid Kit.  To ensure they are inserted them correctly, you’ll find informative stickers inside the battery compartment to direct you which way to insert the batteries.

With the unique Fun Factory Battery+ technology, it provides you with the convenience of using standard AAA batteries and easily upgrade to the rechargeable NiMh batteries. Just purchase the Hybrid kit containing these rechargeable batteries and the Fun Factory charging cable. This technology provides steady power during the course of its battery life, rather than having the power slowly weakening.

When you use the AAA batteries, it still has the same level of power as with any other rechargeable sex toys. Like all Fun Factory dildos, the Abby G is lockable so you can easily carry it with you when you travel. The flexibility of this toy makes it very comfortable to use and can give you the stimulation in the right place. If you are someone who enjoys textured sex toys, you’ll definitely love the ridges of the Abby G’s shaft that offers additional sexual sensation.

Material and Care

It is absolutely made from body-safe material, soft yet perfectly firm. Being completely waterproof, you can enjoy the Abby G in the bathroom. After using the toy, clean it well with warm water or you can use a recommended toy cleaner from Fun Factory.  Make sure it is completely dry before storing in a cool dry place.