Tuesday 16 April 2024
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The Best Over 40 Dating Website Profile Creation Guide For eHarmony

The Best Over 40 Dating Website Profile Creation Guide For eHarmony

Is your online profile at eHarmony withering away? Or is it just attracting the attention of couch potatoes, or people who are have a fun time around? If that is the case then this means there is some major issues in your profile that needs to be rectified. As, unfortunately even a slightest mistake can keep you devoid from discovering your potential love.

So, here is a complete guide on the best over 40 dating website profile creation at eHarmony. Follow, these steps in a systematic manner to make the most of your presence at the website.

Step 1: The Process of Registration

First and foremost you need to register with the dating website, so as to gain access to its innumerable services. The process of registration is pretty simple & quick where you should provide the required information, select the appropriate package and then finally unlock your path to discovering your best match. The dating sites goes leaps and bounds to help you find a potential partner, but if you haven’t got the profile right then there are many things that can go wrong.


Step 2: Completing the Guided Communication

Once you are done with the registration process, the next step is to work with the “Guided Communication”. There are three aspects of this step and they are

  • About Me
  • 10 Must Haves &
  • 10 Can’t Stands


You need to be wise while working with these sections, as the answers that you are going to provide will be used by eHarmony for providing a perfect match. This is the reason why the same is even used for assessing your compatibility with a particular user.

Step 3: Personality Assessment

This is a unique feature of over 40 dating websites where you have optimal room to speak about yourself, who you are and with whom do you want to be with. The assessment is often done using personality based questions, which let’s eHarmony know more about the type of partner that you are looking for.


Step 4: Your Profile

Besides providing the best answers during the assessment you even need to focus on your profile. This is because your profile will be a mirror to who you are, and why a promising individual should contact you. The entire profile can be divided into two segments and they are pictures and your thoughts.

There are several studies based on eHarmony reviews indicate that 25% of eHarmony users were unable to unlock the right one only because they never paid attention towards their profile picture. Hence, realize the difference that your profile picture can create and make it something that stands apart from the crowd.


The next segment are your thoughts. You need to be clear and confident about your thoughts and portray the same in your profile. Be honest, understand what you want and then complete the various sections of your profile. This is something that will help others in knowing you better and who knows that perfect one may even find you there.