Thursday 13 June 2024
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Relationships Vs Flings: Which one is best for you?

Relationships Vs Flings: Which one is best for you?

When it comes to our romantic lives, everyone is very different. Whether every date you go on is just to meet new faces or an attempt to find your soul mate or if your only intention is to casually meet for sex the options available to us are wide and varied. However which style suits who best? Are relationships the way to go or is it better to simply jump from one fling to another?

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It goes without saying but an obvious benefit of being in a relationship is the level on which you connect with the person emotionally. This person you are committing to is someone you learn everything about – their history, their goals, their likes and dislikes, their fears, their turn-ons… the list goes on. The reverse of this of course is also true in that there is someone out there who knows you on a level that no one else does. This is something you simply cannot get when merely having flings with others.

The feeling of knowing that there is always going to be someone there for you through the good times and more importantly the bad ones is not only reassuring but offers a sensation unlike anything else in this world. Love is a very powerful feeling.

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Of course this isn’t for everyone. The idea of being strapped down to a single person can feel restricting and limiting at times. Having a relationship with someone means they are a part of your life as you are theirs so with that comes plenty of responsibility. Whether this is supporting them in their life goals, being involved with their family or simply giving them the time of day, with a relationship all these things become more of a priority and this can prove a nuisance for some.

Careers are often a big focus of people’s lives and to have a relationship thrown into the mix can sometimes complicate matters. With your attention split between the two it can prove difficult to give either the time it deserves. It may sound silly but it’s especially true when it comes to more demanding jobs that see you travelling. To be on your own and instead simply have a few flings for the sexual fun allows you the chance to progress and grow your career without the worry of committing to someone else in your life.

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When it comes to sexual activity, relationships are by far the safer of the two lifestyles. Since you’re being monogamous this means so long as you are both STD free, there is no way one will enter your lives. Of course the opposite is true of flings. If you’re sleeping with someone who continues to have a series of wild one-nighters with random people, this increases the chance of contracting something. While I’m not saying it’s guaranteed, it’s certainly something to consider the more sexual partners you might have. So if you go online because you want nsa sex, make sure you take your precautions, it is really worth it!

On the topic of sex, this has its pros and cons on both sides. From the relationship view-point you both learn each other’s bodies as the relationship develops which in turn improves your sex life overall. With a fling however you’re never with a person long enough to get a good idea of their likes and dislikes. In terms of perks of flings though, one obvious one is you’re free to sleep with whoever you want giving you plenty of variety and excitement in your life. To many a relationship feels too safe to them while flings bring with them adventure.

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So whether you’re pro-relationship or siding with team fling, both have their perks, it all depends on the type of thing you’re looking for in a lifestyle.