Let’s take sex on a drive.

Let’s take sex on a drive.

Sex has always been preferred within four walls of our home; since these are those sensual moments which you want to keep it as secret. Not everyone should know how you do it; however, there are few people who love to fantasize different places for having sex. These places can include outdoor sex in open, sex in wash rooms etc., although one of the seasoned place of having sex which has been popular among people is having sex in car or any vehicle you own. Then it can be either with your soul mate or with one of our Perth escorts.

Yes, you read it right my friend. Sex in car can also be a part of your fantasy bucket list but you never got the chance to execute it, maybe due to absence of your partner or you being single. Living your imagination always sparks up the moments and having sex in a vehicle can be another sexventure (sex adventure) of your life. This can help you hit two birds with one stone. One, you can have sex outside your regular bedroom and another is that you won’t have to face consequences of having sex in public. The only factor that matters the most is the type of vehicle you own.

As while having sex in bedroom, you tend to try different positions and like to switch roles of being dominant and submissive, same scenarios you can try in your car as well. First and the foremost place you can think of is the driver seat, which can give you that essence of controlling the act since you would be in driving seat. Just pull the lever, push your seat back as far as it can go and enjoy with your girl on top of you, while she is facing you or her back facing you, where she can take some support from dashboard.

Another sex routine that can be followed in vehicle is blow job or hand job. While you are driving with your companion sitting next to you, she can easily slip off your penis from your trousers and can give you a nice rub. This will certainly make you feel a little bit dizzy, thus, we would recommend moving your vehicle off the road and enjoying blow job by pushing her closer as you are about to ejaculate. Our Brisbane escorts , are well known to this action and thus will take care of every drop of your semen.

Not just front seat, if you want to truly enjoy the bedroom sex in your car, back seat is the best place known for that. Just push front seats completely frontward and you will have ample space to enjoy sex with position of your choice. You can go for anal sex, or the regular position when you are on top of her and moving your penis in and out of her vagina and reaching the climax. Moral of the story is you can turn your fantasies in reality and enjoy them live.