Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Keeping the Love Alive : Stop Life From Eroding Your Relationship

Keeping the Love Alive : Stop Life From Eroding Your Relationship

Married life is not always as blissful as you had hoped and it is almost inevitable that every couple will have to negotiate a few bumps in the marital road, but if the love is strong, there is always a chance that you might be able to stop life’s events from eroding your relationship.

Relationship breakdowns and divorce are a fact of modern life for many people and lawyers like are used to handling enquiries of this nature, so how can you spot the signs of trouble and what can be done to try and rescue the relationship?

Life gets in the way

Sometimes there is one single event that proves to be the catalyst for a relationship breakdown, but generally it is a gradual erosion brought about by a pattern of gentle dismantling of the love and intimacy that once existed.

Life gets in the way

The modern pace of life and hectic schedules can create a situation where many couples simply find that they are spending less time together to share some laughter and love and find at some point, that the spark has subsequently gone from the relationship.

A relationship is like many things, in that you have to work at it in order to get the most out of it. This can lead to dangerous scenarios, where there is a communication breakdown, and when you are not talking and sharing your thoughts and problems, this will cause to drift even further apart as a couple.

Loss of intimacy

It is perfectly normal for a new relationship to experience plenty of intimacy and an active sex life, as you explore and get to know each other.

This is basically part of falling in love with someone who you want to share your life with. It is also perfectly normal for that level of physical intimacy to settle down and over time, without it meaning that you love each other any less than you did before.

Intimacy is vital to a healthy relationship and that means sharing physical as well as emotional intimacy, both of which have equal importance. One without the other in a relationship, is a potential catalyst for the breakdown of a relationship, as the withdrawal of physical intimacy for example, can induce feelings of rejections and resentment.

Positive steps

A relationship breakdown can take years to finally come a point where it is inevitable that it is over, so there are plenty of opportunities along the way to recognize the danger signs and implement some positive steps to try and put things right before it is too late.

Try your best to avoid taking your partner for granted. Continue doing things that demonstrates how much you care for them and commit to put some energy into making your relationship work.

Another key step is to maintain a level of communication. Always try to discuss and problems, as allowing a problem to fester and grow, will ultimately make it much harder to resolve successfully.

You invested in a relationship up to this point, in any number of ways, so it makes good sense to at least try and find a way to but things back on track, before the erosion becomes too difficult to repair.

Ethan Vincent works as a relationship therapist. He explores the various options on keeping love alive throughout the toughest and most mundane times. His articles appear on relationship and lifestyle sites.