Tuesday 16 July 2024
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I Used a Psychic to Help with My Marriage

I Used a Psychic to Help with My Marriage

After my second child was born, my wife and I started experiencing some marital troubles.  I suppose now it’s the same stuff many other couples go through after a new baby arrives.

The amount of work around the house was overwhelming.  On top of that, the lack of sleep really starts to get to you – at first it’s ok, but eventually I’d start to get cranky and upset over the slightest things.  Feeling constantly tired and upset is awful.

Our sex life was down in the dumps, and my own physical health also started to decline – I stopped working out, gained some weight, and felt constantly under the weather.


After seeing a therapist for a few months, which helped for a little while but eventually saw us returning to our old patterns, my wife suggested we see a psychic.

I was dead set against the idea, firmly believing that psychics are frauds and are really just con-men trying to take your money.

However, my wife persisted.  She used stories of celebrities such as Patrick Swayze, Brad Pitt, and Sarah Jessica Parker as examples of people who all had successfully used psychics in their marriage (and remained happily married).

Eventually I relented – more to appease my wife than for any other reason.  We found a website that allowed us to get the answer to one free psychic question online.  My wife asked what the best thing we could do to improve our relationship would be.

The answer (paraphrased due to space) was to have more sex.  Our sex life had dropped down to basically nothing after the baby was born.  Actually, for 3 months after the birth of a child most women (including my wife) are instructed by their doctors to not have sex for safety reasons.  However, my second child was now 8 months old, and we’d probably only had sex 3 times since he was born, so we definitely had a problem.

I had assumed that the arguing and bickering with my wife were the reason we weren’t having sex.  However, after listening to the psychic, I quickly came to realize that I had it backwards – the reason we were arguing and fighting was because we weren’t having sex.

It reminded me of a talk I’d heard where the speaker discussed physical actions as the reason for feeling a certain way, not the opposite.  For example, if you smile it’ll lead to being in a better mood.  You don’t smile when you’re in a good mood – you smile and then it changes your mood for the better.

So as strange as it sounds, the psychic really helped our marriage.  I don’t know if she has magic powers or just has some real wisdom and an ability to read people, but my wife and I benefited greatly from talking to a psychic about our marriage.

Of course, we may have just had a terrible marriage counselor – there are plenty of them out there.  But from now on, as silly as it sounds, I’ll be more open to things I don’t understand, especially if it helps my marriage and helps me have more sex!