Friday 24 May 2024
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How to Throw the Best Party Ever for The Girls

How to Throw the Best Party Ever for The Girls

When people think about off the hook parties, they tend to think boy vibes. Bachelor parties and boozy nights outs with the lads. But that is such a stereotype it is not even funny. Because women can party too – and then some. And what’s more, if we are going to deal in stereotypes, then let’s just say it, girls are significantly better organizers than guys. So, it should go without saying that girls can organise and enjoy epic parties of their own. With that in mind, if you are looking to organise a party for your girlfriends, here are some tips to ensure it is memorable.

Show some flesh

Men are never shy to hire a stripper or head off for lap-dances at the local skin club. So, why not hire a bit of male flesh for the enjoyment of your female friends. You would probably be surprised at how easy it is to hire the services of a male stripper Brisbane or Sydney have plenty of men who are willing to make their services available for a fee. You might also be surprised at what he is prepared to do. Anything from some raunchy dancing, through to working the room as a topless waiter or perhaps even providing massages and sensual encounters for your guests. Put your dreams out there and see where he is prepared to go – you are paying after all.


A good party is not just drinking and raunchy dancing, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a spot of pampering? Hire a beautician to attend the party and you and your friends can take turns to have manicures, eyebrow shaping or waxes. Hire a person on a retainer basis for the whole evening. That way you know what your costs are upfront and there is no rush for your guests to get treated – it will be fitted in at some point during the party.


Make sure that there is plenty of drink and that there is something for everyone. Remember it isn’t like catering for guys, where a keg or two of beer will suffice. This is a different vibe and you should have wine and gin and other beverages to ensure that the mood is relaxed and happy.


It is much easier to organise big parties in the age of Uber and other ride calling services. But this is still something that needs to be factored into the planning. If people are arriving in their own vehicles what is going to happen come time to leave? Either they need to stay over (opportunity for pyjama party fun), or they need to avoid the alcohol and play the role of a designated driver, or you need to plan for Uber to be on hand when needed. It might sound like a silly detail, but one of the keys to hosting a successful party is ensuring that the guests can focus on and live in the now. If they are worried about cars or babysitters or anything else, they won’t have the off-the-hook experience that you are wanting to deliver.