How to reward your sales team for doing well

How to reward your sales team for doing well

Everyone knows that the best way to grow a business is by increasing sales. And in turn, we all know that the best way to drive sales is to incentivise the sales team and get them properly motivated. A huge part of this is done through the payment of commissions. Any salesperson worth their salt will know what the commission structures and targets involve, and they will always play with their eyes focused on these rewards. But what else can be done to get the sales unit functioning optimally? Here are a few ideas to help you drive your sales team even more and in turn to see your business grow.

Activities for the win

A sale is a gruelling pursuit and while it can be lucrative it is often quite exhausting as well. A good salesperson tends to be the type of person who likes to work hard and then play hard. So, look for ways to get involved in the play element of the equation. This is great because it is non-contractual fun. It is something that can be done as and when you want to do it, not when you are obligated to do it. These can also be team-building events that are fun and get your people working together in a unit. And if you know your team then it becomes quite easy to find the right event. If your team is comprised of men or lesbians, then you might want to look at find a place where there you can be served by a topless waitress Brisbane has plenty of fine establishments that could help you with this. Or maybe action cricket, or go-cart racing or just a boozy night out with the company card behind the bar.

Random bonuses

There is a lot to be said for random bonuses or incentives. Nothing contractual but rewards dished out as and when you are able to afford to pay them. If you are able to create an expectation of ad hoc rewards, it drives the team to work harder and can only lead to good things.

Shared rewards

Sales is a very competitive environment and it tends to pit members of the team against each other, all fighting to bring in revenue from the same slice of pie. While individual commissions are good in the sense that they mean there is no opportunity for anyone to benefit from the work of others, there is a lot to be said for aligning the team and getting them to work together for the great good. Look to explore ways to do this. It goes without saying that in implementing a shared rewards scheme that you don’t want to upset the equilibrium by changing the existing individual commission structures, so think hard and find something that works. Perhaps a company retreats to a nice lodge where everyone (partner included) can attend. The retreat is based on certain targets being met. Hit tier one and it is a weekend away in state. Level two is an out of state break. Level three is to an island resort. It might cost a bit, but it is based on performance, and if the performance is good enough then it is instantly affordable.