Friday 24 May 2024
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How To Be A Sexy Woman Without Being Vulgar?

How To Be A Sexy Woman Without Being Vulgar?

To be sexy, yes. To be vulgar, no. But the border between the two is sometimes quickly crossed, and without realizing it. To avoid this type of error, you need to keep in mind some pitfalls to avoid. So you can always prepare without fear of making false notes and with confidence. This will make you feel confident and you will realize that it will further increase your appeal. You will wreak havoc without realizing it and without the slightest mistake.

Be sexy without being vulgar by believing in your natural beauty

You must believe in your natural beauty to avoid wanting to bet on makeup. Makeup should not be used to give you a new face. You can use it to hide the mole that you do not like or remove this scar that you would rather not show.

You must use makeup to emphasize your natural beauty, to highlight your face and not change it. These small details that you call a defect are perhaps what makes men fall for you, even if it seems impossible to believe. So before you want to hide everything, learn to appreciate your natural beauty. Rather than mask it, sublimate it.

Choose Your Outfit

It’s not just the size or decoration your clothes offer, there’s also the combination of shapes, materials, colors, prints and other accessories. Do not try to do too much: just because you have a lot of fetish wears or sexy clothes does not mean you have to put them all together the same evening, quite the contrary.

Avoid overloading yourself with leopard prints, falling into the total glitter look or disguising yourself as a rainbow. You must give the same care to your accessories: do not overload yourself, avoid overdoing it if you have already insisted on your makeup.  Even though fetish wears makes you look sexy, try to find a balance for your outfit.

Do Not Overlook The Details

To be sexy, you must focus on your appearance, on what men will see in you at first sight. If you want to be sexy you must not neglect the details; that’s what will make the difference. This does not mean that you have to say goodbye to any form of naturalness in your outfit, your attitude.

But you have to take care even to the smallest details: beautiful jewels will not hide a poorly hydrated. A beautiful nail polish will not remove pencil, paint or other traces on your hands. Your lipstick will not hide your teeth that you have not had time to wash before going out. So, focus on the basics before starting on the external aspects.