Click site – in reality, “no” means “NO”

Click site – in reality, “no” means “NO”

All of a sudden, one gets hooked to rape porn. One feels guilty, but curiosity keeps it going. The pleasure continues till one realizes how it is impacting the person. Strangely women who were sexually abused in teens found rape porn stimulating. The videos distort the meaning of consent. The women repeatedly say no, but the guy keeps on perusing. In the end, the woman is cajoled into having sex, and it seems she enjoys intercourse. After watching the porn, one thinks it was normal.

The dark alley of porn

One gets lost in the dark alley of porn. A recent survey asked porn consumers what they think to be wrong in a porn video. Out of the 1,188 people surveyed, an astounding 48% replied force and painful sex are not immoral. Almost half of the porn consumers consider sexual abuse is a part of porn. Only 50% of teens and young adults between the ages of thirteen to twenty-five believe abusive porn is wrong. The line between sexy and harmful is dwindling in the domain of porn. Already there is a skewed image of consent, and people view it as usual. A study reveals that as one gets hooked on porn, he finds hardcore content to be more stimulating over time. The effects of this violent porn on the brain are dramatic; the brain has been programmed to believe pain is a pleasure.

Porn tries to illustrate the “no” will ultimately turn into “yes,” but in reality, “no” means “NO” all the time. The negative impact on society becomes profound when people start believing the abuse and exploitation of a woman is entertaining. But everyone must remember porn is meant for harmless entertainment. To watch some arousing, enjoyable porn, click site

There is a slow but steady shift away from all romantic vanilla sex. The simple, pleasurable missionary position, with no handcuffs, no leather. But rough sex is becoming the fascination of society; the British Sexual Fantasy Research project reports 62% of Brits desire a dominant or submissive sex encounter. For years people who had fetishes felt ashamed to disclose; it was buried in the dark. People are opting for rough sex, but tender, loving vanilla sex always touches the heart.