Thursday 13 June 2024
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Calling an Adult Hotline

Calling an Adult Hotline

If your muscles are sore, and you’ve been in your head all day, if you’re like other guys, you’re ready to bust a fat load once you get home. All of that tension is stored in your body, and maybe you feel a sense of relief when you stroke your cock at home while you watch porn. The more intense your orgasm is the more feel-good chemicals your body will produce, resulting in more stress reduction. What if you need more than that, like a soft, sultry voice of a shamefully nasty girl to get you off? The more intimate the interaction, the more intense the orgasm, so try an adult hotline.

What to Expect?

These girls are filthy nowadays, especially if they work for an adult chat provider. You can expect to be in a safe space where you can indulge in the nastiest things you wouldn’t even imagine speaking aloud. Expect to cum A LOT, especially if you have an insatiable lust for guttermouth sluts whose prime objective is to make sure every drop of milk leaves your balls and out that hot, hard dick. You can expect your dick to pop too.

Why Should I have Phone Sex Instead of In-Person?

  • No risk of STDs/ avoid the extra clean-up.
  • Making connections and truly receiving her sexual energy.
  • Not having to look her in the eye after all of the shameful things you did/said.
  • End the interaction as fast as you came.
  • Safe space to open up.
  • Take steps to come to terms with your sexuality versus feeling shameful about it.
  • More intense Orgasms. What you lack in real pussy you make up for in a level of raunchy you could never bring yourself to do in person.
  • Convenient, Fast, cheap.
  • Perfect if you’re too shy for in-person encounters.

I don’t want to Make Her Uncomfortable

As long as you are not breaking any laws, no subject is taboo. These girls have heard, seen,  and done it all. They like it in their ass just as much, if not more, as they do in their hot cunt. Put your dick out of its misery and call her. Have complete dominion over her. Tell her that she belongs to you, and that she better stop talking to other men. Her mouth is for your cum. Threaten to slap that bitch if she ever dishonors you or herself with another man again. All of this in vain though, as you both know she’ll be shitting out another man’s cum tomorrow, anyway.