Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Black Fetish: How to avoid hyper sexualizing black bodies

Black Fetish: How to avoid hyper sexualizing black bodies

Black Fetish is not something you see around or on the internet casually. Regarding black bodies or black men and women as overly sexual because of their color could be considered a black fetish. In fact, often time, this hypersexuality may result in enmity between friends of a different race or body color. Sometimes, it could be responsible for low self-esteem in other individuals with conflicting body types. Over time, the need for some white ladies to date black men become overemphasized, that it began drifting from being a compliment to somewhat becoming abusive. In a way, most black bodies feel over gratifications due to their skin color or body shapes.

In this modern-day, other than complimenting black bodies openly, ladies have now added it to their fetish archive, hence the black fetish. You see a blonde romantically attached to a man, not because of any distinguishing feature but because of his black body. Some of these fetishes are displayed in Bangbros movies, where you get a mix of interracial. At the end of it, blackbodies often become objectified and regarded as stigma, while being white is considered the leading accepted body tone. It’s, however, safe to say this assumption erupted from the issue of race and racism between whites and black.

How to avoid hyper sexualizing black bodies

● Stop regarding black bodies as being exotic:

I’ve come to understand that most persons don’t know they are hyper-sexualizing black bodies when they over-compliment. Black bodies are not gods, and they are not different from other colors. So thinking of them as super sex-bots and hyper-sexualizing them is not fair. Avoid calling them names like exotic; they don’t give any more pleasure than what you’ve already had, and complimenting someone as exotic is rather negative than positive.

● Don’t assume a black woman’s behind is as a result of her color:

This is somewhat common when black women are regarded as overly endowed. You haven’t seen her behind, but you are all over the place swearing her back is like that of an elephant because she’s black. Avoid being too over expectant. No one grows behind because of their color, and the same applied to black women. If you see a black woman with a big behind, it’s not because she’s black, she’s got it naturally, and you should avoid wanting to emphasize the backside.

● Claiming those in the LGBTQ21A+ community aren’t real black men and women:

This is way too insulting, and it’s calling a bluff of their sexuality. Assuming a black body in the LGBTQ21A+ community isn’t real is like saying a 40-year-old man doesn’t know his left from right. Being homophobic about black people in the community will affect them psychologically, and it will also hurt their self-esteem and lead to unwarranted conflicts. It’s, however, essential to note that a person’s sexuality is their reflection and how they see themselves. That a black man is in the LGBTQ community doesn’t mean he’s small, and it still doesn’t mean he’s too much. He chooses where he wants to belong.