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Asian dating: How to date an Asian beauty

Asian dating: How to date an Asian beauty

5 tips to date an Asian girl

Asian girls are cute, attractive and feminine, so lots of men would like to date them. Check out tips on how to date a beautiful Asian lady and have great relationships.

Asian countries have a rich heritage and culture which attracts many people all over the world: there are lots of people interested in some historical aspects of these countries or fans of modern and popular Asian culture. People are fond of it because of its uniqueness and a special atmosphere that only original creators can provide: even though Asian-like pop music and animation appear from time to time, it’s not even close to captivating and interesting. With all these popular media people often forget that behind these amazing and creative things there are Asian people who are much more than their race or stereotypes.

Asian ladies are remarkable in different ways: they are cute, intelligent, very feminine and all these qualities attract many men all over the world. There are lots of extremely beautiful Asian women who live in non-Asian countries, so it’s much easier for a Western guy to try Asian girl dating. Nowadays people have lots of opportunities to date people who belong to different cultures, religions or races not only by travelling but also with the help of online dating services. Therefore, it’s not that difficult to start dating an Asian lady, but it might be much harder to date her correctly and avoid some dating mistakes.

It goes without saying that every country has its customs and traditions not only in dating but also in other spheres of life. Asian countries differ from one another a lot, but there are still some features that you need to know about before dating an Asian girl. Even though culture influences every Asian country differently, you still might use some generalizations to have a common understanding of what you should do while dating an Asian girl in advance. Remember that believing in stereotypes can sometimes bring you lots of awkward situations and misunderstandings, so be careful with what you believe in and what you say. There are some tips on how to date an Asian woman:

  • Don’t speak about stereotypes. It’s offensive: Asian ladies dislike being perceived as compilations of stereotypes about Asian people. Avoid disrespectful questions about her race, culture and how it’s different from the Western one. You shouldn’t speak about how much you love Asian culture in the very beginning: a girl might think that you’re interested in her only because she’s Asian and it often feels like being fetishized. Don’t act like she’s super special only because of her race as well: behave respectfully and think of her just being a young attractive lady she is;
  • Don’t be too pushy. Asian girls are often pretty shy: even though it’s also a stereotype, many Asian people tend to be reserved and quiet while speaking to someone new they don’t know well yet. It’s pretty fine because they become more open after becoming closer to you. You shouldn’t be too pushy with her because it might repel her from you: no one likes being forced to become close too soon. Lots of Asian people respect personal space and boundaries, so give her time and space to feel free;
  • Intelligence is sexy. For most Asian ladies (and ladies from other countries as well) an intelligent and smart man is perfect: they want to feel protected and secure as much as other women do, but they see stability and safety not from masculine, big and aggressive guys, but sensible and clever ones. A perfect Asian boyfriend is careful and sensitive, but strong and decisive at the same time. If you want to win an Asian girl’s heart, you need to remember that behaviour and actions make a man, not his muscular body or aggression;
  • Be romantic with her. Asian women love romantic guys as much as other ladies do. They are fond of little gifts, cute messages and signs of affection, so don’t be afraid of being a bit cheesy and too sweet with her. For Asian people, nothing is emasculating in being romantic with your girl: it shows how much you appreciate her and wants to do lots of things to make her feel loved. More than that, a man who is not afraid to be caring and sensitive with his beloved woman is often seen even more masculine because he isn’t afraid of what people think of him;
  • Don’t act like an Asian guy when you’re not. Your awkward attempts to eat with chopsticks don’t show her how much you respect her culture and habits. Don’t show off with your knowledge of her culture as well: it’s not an examination, so keep all the random facts from Wikipedia away from her. Remember that you don’t have to be Asian to be liked by her – just be respectful and caring and she’ll love you for who you are.