Tuesday 16 July 2024
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A guide to using an escort

A guide to using an escort

There is tons of advice on how escorts can stay safe but a client’s safety is equally as important. Some of the most frequently asked questions from men wanting to book an escort is how to stay discreet, keep their identity a secret and avoid getting into trouble with the police.

Escorts are highly professional women, who have rules in place to make the exchange secure, risk-free and simple, but there are several things you can do to give yourself extra peace of mind. London Wildcats Escorts presents their guide to using an escort.

Staying safe

Most of the communication will be done via messages when you initially make contact with an escort and as things progress, always schedule a telephone conversation before arranging any meet-ups. You can withhold your telephone number, both on a landline and mobile phone, in case you do not go through with it. For in-calls, so you visiting the escort, it is not inappropriate to check Google Maps to get an idea of your surroundings before you travel to the address. The type of questions worth asking are: what type of property is it? Is it near any main roads? What amenities do you have? And is it a safe area?

Staying anonymous

It is standard for adult profiles and escorts to use aliases when communicating to keep the dealings discreet, so there is no need to break away from convention. The alias does not need to be something as cheesy or uncomfortable as ‘Big_dick80’ – just a different name will do. Now for an in-call, you might bring a small bag to freshen up before or after, but besides your mobile phone (which should have a passcode lock on it anyway) and some cash, keep your id at home. Cash continues to be the preferred method of payment so there is definitely no need for debit or credit cards to be on you, especially with Uber where your card details are already stored.

Staying comfortable

Before the meeting you should know exactly what you have bargained for because escorts have very descriptive profiles with their services and their terms, so familiarise yourself with it. It means you can avoid asking awkward questions and save potentially feeling embarrassed. Asking for payment upfront is another standard practice in the adult world so do not be offended by an escort not wasting any time on collecting the cash, or if she checks for fake bank notes. This is for her peace of mind and definitely not personal. Not all clients are as respectable or honest as you.

Staying legal

Escorting in the UK has always been a legal grey area but all you need to know is, you are not at risk of being arrested for paying for sex as long as the escort is 18, and has not been coerced. If you are booking through a reputable agency – which is why doing your research is crucial – the escort will be 18 or over. As you are speaking to her online, you can always ask the question so her reply to you is in writing – it is unlikely she will let you see the date of birth on her driver’s licence for her own anonymity. For an escort to sell sex or her time is also legal so no worries there, as long as there is no curb crawling involved.