Friday 24 May 2024
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13 Tips for Starting a Conversation with Women!

13 Tips for Starting a Conversation with Women!

Some men are charmers – They just know what it takes to impress a girl. Others, on the contrary, keep trying for different women, often with little luck. Wondering how to talk to girls like a pro?

Well, we have listed down 13 points for your help!

  1. Impress, but not yet. Yes, you want to charm and win her over, but in that process, you don’t want to sound desperate. No matter the girl, always take your time to understand if she is worth the effort.
  2. Start slow. Most men expect great things in the first meeting or date, but sadly life isn’t a move. You need to start slow, so that she can ease with you. Be casual in your approach, and you should be good to go.
  3. Don’t treat her differently. Regardless of how pretty she looks, treat her like you would treat your pals and buddies. She needs to have a friendly equation with you, before things can move to the next level.
  4. Introduce yourself. This is where smart men leave the best impression. They don’t try to pursue women with a lot of things, but they are more focused on the intro. Don’t be a show off though. Your name and your intention of being in the same place and at the same time should suffice.
  5. Ask simple and easy questions. What do you do? Why are you jamming alone on a Saturday night? Are your friends around? You would want her to talk to you, and for that, fair chances are required. You are interested surely, but don’t ask about her boyfriend or date right away.

  1. Take the conversation ahead. Most girls like to talk about a few things but want to avoid the other controversial topics. Find more about her interests and ask questions that she would want to answer. You need to be a gentleman in this aspect – don’t say anything that can sound rude or insensitive.
  2. Share your thoughts. Girls love men who are straightforward and have an opinion of their own. As you get ahead in your talk, make sure to share your thoughts, no matter how different and dissimilar. Don’t be afraid to disagree to a few things. You are what you are – Pretending to be another person won’t take things to the next level.
  3. Don’t be boring. Men can be dull. They end up talking about things that interest them, often not considering the mood of the other person. Others often end up being a bore – someone who doesn’t want to talk or start new topics. You would want her know your persona, and for that, picking the right topics is essential.
  4. Don’t let her say ‘no’. Women don’t really appreciate men with a go-getter approach. Don’t ask a question for which she can say a ‘no’. A simple example is – “Can I have your number?”. Instead, ask a question that might start a new conversation, like – “I have a pool party at my office next week. Do you want to come over?”. Make her feel that she might lose an opportunity.
  5. Be a good listener. Okay, most girls like to talk, and they may discuss some of the most random things you have ever heard about. Nevertheless, you need to be a listener. You need to know what engages her mind, and even if you don’t like the conversation, share your thoughts. Conversation is a two-way thing, and someday, she will reciprocate to conversations that you like.

  1. Don’t be the shoulder. Women have emotional problems, and more often than not, they need people who can just offer a shoulder to cry. Don’t be that shoulder. Yes, being empathic is okay, but you don’t want to dig deep in the first couple of dates. Draw a line on what is off-limits for you.
  2. Talk about your pets. Women, for some reason, love men who have pets. If you are lucky to have a dog or a cat, talk about that. This may show your compassionate side better. When the other person is interested, she may come over to meet your pet.
  3. Finally, know where to end it. Good talks should end on a good note, and don’t be shy to take the first step. If you have to leave, politely ask for her permission. You need to show that you are not extremely desperate to spend time with her, although you did enjoy the time together.

Next time you meet a girl, you know it’s all about going with the right approach.